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Welcome to the
Good Behaviour Game

Improve behaviour, achievements and retention.
Support pupils’ long term well-being.
Reduce teachers’ stress.
Get in the Game.

Welcome to the Game

It is becoming increasingly important for schools to help facilitate the development of the life skills necessary for children and young people to build confidence, self-esteem and resilience to risk, and to enable them to identify the resources they need to cope in an increasingly challenging world.

The Good Behaviour Game (GBG) is an approach to classroom management which has been shown to have dramatic benefits on children’s behaviour. It has a substantial body of evidence from the USA and other countries over a 40 year period, indicating significant long term educational and health benefits, including:

  • Immediate improvements in pupil behaviour, particularly for disruptive boys
  • Improved attainment and achievement
  • Increased numbers of students continuing into further education
  • Reduced risk-taking behaviour in later life

Mentor UK recently completed a randomised controlled trial of the Good Behaviour Game in 32 primary schools across the North of England.

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What schools are saying

The children love the game, they ask to play it even though we are almost a year into playing— and as anybody who works with children will know, you have to constantly change your rewards system.


- Year 3 teacher, Manchester

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