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About the Game

Children really want to play the game and always look for an opportunity to play it.


- Year 3 Teacher

GBG Classroom Rules Poster

The Good Behaviour Game (GBG) is an evidence-based approach to classroom management that helps children learn how to work together to create a positive learning environment.

The Game is based on 4 simple rules (right) that encourage pupils to support one another as they complete classroom assignments.

Because it is a strategy, not a programme or curriculum, GBG does not take away from instructional time. In fact, research shows that playing the Good Behaviour Game actually leads to increased instructional time for most teachers when implemented correctly and consistently. GBG is a universal strategy that aligns well with more targeted interventions and with schools’ existing behaviour strategies.

More than 40 years of research evidence has shown GBG to have dramatic benefits on children’s behaviour, as well as significant long term educational and health benefits, including:

  • Immediate improvements in pupil behaviour, particularly for disruptive boys
  • Improved attainment and achievement
  • Increased numbers of students continuing into further education
  • Reduced substance abuse, mental health problems and criminal behaviour in later life

We are now leading a UK trial, funded by the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). This two-year trial will offer primary schools in the Northwest of England the exciting opportunity to take part in ground-breaking research measuring the impact of the GBG intervention in UK schools.

Read more about the GBG UK trial


At the beginning of the year children were very adult dependent,
they wouldn’t speak to each other and they wouldn’t offer advice
to others either. . . now that they are playing the game they
will clearly see someone struggling and will help them.
- Year 3 Teacher

The Good Behaviour Game has enhanced children’s behaviour and significantly impacted their motivation and approach to learning. Children are taking greater responsibility for the completion of tasks, they are working together and increasingly supporting each other.
– Headteacher

I am really enjoying the Good Behaviour Game and watching how the
children are getting used to working with each other— instead of being
upset that someone has broken a rule, they have to actually start
talking to each other properly.
- Year 3 Teacher

The Game is working really well and it has allowed us to deliver some challenging activities both in and outside the classroom. Although the Game was not being played, both the Headteacher and Deputy Head have watched a lesson where the children moved round the classroom in their GBG teams and worked as a team, using voice level requested and adhering to all classroom rules.
- Year 3 Teacher

Video testimonial – teachers

Video testimonial – pupils

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